What is it about Pallet Town that makes this town spit out heroes?

(Lars must live there)

This game will take place in the Kanto region using the first 150 Pokemon however will not be canon with the Pokemon franchise. While characters from the show like Professor Oak, Jenny, and other prominent figures will be seen there will be no Ashe and crew. Players will create their own trainers and pursue their own goals through their characters life. This is NOT Pokemon The Video Game; The Tabletop Game. Meaning players will not fight their way through the gyms just like the franchise has their characters (unless that is your characters goal). Instead players will get to create their own unique trainers who just like in real life can pursue any number of lifetime goals. Perhaps you want to be a famous battle contestant, or a world renown breeder, the most coordinated ribbon holders, a researcher or professor dedicated to understanding Pokemon, maybe you want to finally disband (or join) the notorious Team Rocket? The possibilities are endless.

Players will start the day of or before their classes graduation. All characters will know each other from town before hand, having grown up in Pallet Town and completed school together. Professor Oak will present them with their starter Pokemon and set them out into the world. Some might leave Pallet, others may choose to hang around, but this ceremony will mark their entry into adulthood. Players will only be playing their trainer, although you have command over your Pokemon you will not have direct control over them. Pokemon are their own persona’s, some might disobey, run off, refuse to listen or want anything to do with you. All trainers start as basic trainers, however as you level up (which can be done by catching/researching/badges/contests and a number of different way) you will have the chance to take up to three classes of trainers.

The classes are; Ace Trainer (Ash Ketchum), breeder, Capture Specialist (trainers who specialize in capturing Pokemon compared to fighting with them), Coordinator (a trainer who enters their Pokemon into rigorous contests of beauty and strength. Unlike gym fighting it takes more then stats and working out to achieve victory.), Martial Artists (Trainers who study martial arts and are able to share their knowledge with their Pokemon), Psychic (Trainers who have supernatural powers, they can use these both to communicate with their Pokemon and mess with a trainers mind in the heat of battle), Ranger (Trainer who is dedicated to befriending both Pokemon and people to better the world. They do not capture their Pokemon, but befriend them for a mutual gain. Rangers are often seen enlisting the aid of water Pokemon to form a towns fire department, or even going so far as to set up Pokemon safe zones where they protect Pokemon from trainer capture), and a researcher (Trainers who dedicate themselves to the pursuit of knowledge).

Furthermore you can give up a class to take a specialization in a class you already have. Specializations are very specific ways that you use your class. For example a capture specialist can become a Pokeball designer, or a natural trapper. A breeder can study cooking, or grooming. Each class has seven specializations, so the possibilities are truly endless with how you’ll play the game.

This game is still in the planning phase and new players are welcome to join at any time. We meet bi-weekly on Sundays running from four to nine at the Game Emporium in Garretsville. It does cost five dollars a session to play. If you are interested and would like your own copy of the player hand book you may download the PDF here; http://www.mediafire.com/?5xrdvmusv7d73vv

Pokemon; Pallet's New Heroes

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