Team Rocket

Little is known about this shadowy organization, aside from their frequint clashes with law enforcement.
There have, however, been rumours of Pokemon and even trainers going missing, and Team Rocket agents being sighted in roughly the same area at around the same time.

The spotted agents are almost always the same group of three, a red haired(long) woman, a blue-haired man, and an english-speaking Meowth. Though this group is frighteningly incompetent, trainers are advised to keep their distance and report to the nearest Officer Jenny, as they have an enourmus budget for weaponry, and occasionally get lucky. Beyond that, if they are in the area, there may be some of the more shadowy agents around.

It has been hypothesized that this group is only kept among their ranks as they make an excellent distraction for what Team Rocket is actually doing behind the scenes.

Also, watch your steps, as one of the few things this group is actually good at is pit traps.
Anyone have a ladder? It’s kinda boring down here.

Team Rocket

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