Pokemon; Pallet's New Heroes

Character Creation and Building Living Characters

Starting a new roleplaying game is a very exciting thing for many people. However each game has their own specific character creation process. Here you will find the steps to creating your very own Pokemon trainer, and things that you will need to plan for in the process.

1) Distribute 64 stat points to whichever stats the player would like as long as eash stat has at least 6 points and no stat has more than 14 points.

The stats are; Strength (Used for peronsal damage and moving things), Dexterity )Used in evasion and acrobatics), Constitution (Used for health and endurance), Intelligence (Used for knowledge and academic checks), Wisdom (Used in perception based feats) and Charisma (Bluffing and diplomacy).

Now YOU ARE DONE! Holy smokes a one step character creation? I know seems simple. The fun comes from leveling up. When you level up you gain trainer feats, trainer feats are features about you that add to your pokemon’s abilities. It is often useful to think about what three classes you want to take and to find what stats are most important to those classes.

Leveling up is not done in other games, where you gain experience for fighting. Instead every time you have a major triumph as a trainer you level up. Triumphs are; gaining badges from gym leaders, getting a ribbon from a contest, defeating the region’s elite four and gaining the hall of fame ribbon both gain you four levels, defeating a frontier brain is worth two levels, for every ten pokemon you obtain you gain a level (if a pokemon evolves you gain the evolved pokemon as if it was a new pokemon), for every 25 Pokemon you identify with your pokedex you gain a level.

Stating your Pokemon

HP; 13 Attack Stat; 5 Defense Stat; 4 Sp. Attack stat; 6 Sp. Defense stat; 5, Speed; 7

Capabilities: Overland 3, Jump 3, Power 1, Intelligence 3, Firestarter, Glow, Sinker
Move List
Level Up Move List
1 Growl – Normal – Cute
1 Scratch – Normal – Tough

Hp; 13 Attack Stat; 5 Defense Stat;7 Sp. Attack stat; 5 Sp. Defense stat; 6 Speed; 4

Capabilities: Overland 3, Surface 5, Underwater 2, Jump 2, Power 1, Intelligence 3, Fountain
Move List
Level Up Move List
1 Tackle – Normal – Tough

Hp; 16 Attack Stat;5 Defense Stat;5 Sp. Attack stat; 7 Sp. Defense stat; 7 Speed; 5

Capabilities: Overland 4, Surface 1, Jump 3, Power 1, Intelligence 3, Sprouter
Move List
Level Up Move List
1 Tackle – Normal – Tough

HP stat:
Pokemon’s Level + (HP stat x 3)
As long as the pokemon is above 50% of it’s full HP,
an 8 hour rest will recover HP equal to 25% of its Max HP.

Attack stat:
Add to Melee attack damage and Ranged* attack damage.
Defense stat:
Subtract the Defense stat from Damage from Melee or Ranged* Moves.
You may add 1 evasion bonus for every 5 points in Defense when targeted by a Physical Move.

Sp. Attack stat:
Add to Ranged attack damage and Melee* attack damage.

Sp. Defense stat:
Subtract the Sp. Defense stat from Damage from Melee* or Ranged Moves.
You may add 1 evasion bonus for every 5 points in Sp. Defense when targeted by a Special Move.

Speed stat:
Higher speed stat goes first during round.
You may add 1 evasion bonus for every 10 points in Speed when targeted by a Move.
You may only add an evasion bonus once when targeted.

The Character Weave

Your specific character map

Each character is made up of three prime attributes; Drives, Assets, and Resources

Drives are the prime aspect that make up your character. They are their moral compass and determines what they value in life. Drives also show your relationship with everyone important in your life and how strongly you feel about them. All values for personality are to be measured in die type ranging from 4 to 12 (4, 6, 8, 10, 12) and be accompanied by a statement describing in as little words as possible how you feel towards said drive. Please note that statements can be good or negative without changing die types. Example. I love Bob (d12) I hate Dave (d12). I give each a d12 because that is how strongly I feel towards each character.

Assets are a little bit of how he gets things done and a little bit of who he is. Each asset is followed by a die to show how heavily your character uses/relies on said asset. Assets can be classified as three things; Distinctions, Abilities, and gear. Distinctions are personality quirks about your character; like smartass, or big hearted. Think of it this way, if we stripped away everything that your character had, wealth, relationships, etc etc, what would be left? Abilties are things that you can do that the average human can not. Gear are special gadgets that you have acquired that would normally be hard to find.

Resources are are extras or locations that you can call upon for help. Extras are characters that are not normally repeating characters that you can call on to aid you for a specific task. For example; Doctor Joe (Medicine, Science). Like all other attributes there should be a die with this extra to show how willing and able he is to help you. The die type should also reflect a reason for WHY they would help you. Let’s say Doctor Joe knows me by name because I deliver papers to his office, we could say he’s a d4 because he’d be willing to do incredibly small favors for me. However if I ask him to loan me a large sum of cash he’s likely to laugh in my face. Or we could say he’s my loving father and bump him to a d12 because he’d be willing to do anything for me. Locations are places that your character controls or exceeds in. Like extras they should reflect up to two niches that they help with, and a die type to show how helpful they are. For example an evil scientist has his own liar (science, hacking) d4 (The d4 shows that he either isn’t very organized with his liar, or that this liar is a shrimpy little apartment.) Or a reporter has the bullpen (research, publicity) d10 (she’s a skilled reporter, not quite the best).

Another thing that could be tracked and carried from adventure to adventure is stress, and it is measured in five categories; Afraid, Angry, Exhausted, Injured and Insecure. Just like the other traits these stresses will range from none, to d12, d12 reflecting that your character is so overcome with such stress that they are unable to function.

Your character’s back story is derived of multiple steps of their life, each one allowing you to add traits to your character including everything we just discussed. The steps that we’re going to work with are; Origin, Youth, Focus, and Road.


Origin describes where your character came from. Youth describes how they spent their youth. Focus is what was your characters focus as they started growing up and road is how your character pursued their focus.

Each shape represents a different element of our world. The arrows show how everything relates to everything else. Swares show lead characters. Circles show other characters; Extras or features (If another character draws an arrow to an already existing extra the two players decide weither they want the extra to be a feature or not. If an extra becomes a feature circle it again and erase it from the characters resource list adding it as a new relationship). Diamonds represent places.

The next step of your character’s life; the life changing event. As we play you should be thinking about the life changing event that will forever change your characters life. These events can be; Advancement, Tragedy, Power manifestation, First Contact, and Destiny. These are determined completely by you and should only be used when you believe your character has encountered something that really changes their life. Let’s say your character encounters a tragedy, his mom dies during an adventure….. But you don’t want that to be the life changing event, that is fine, you can show in a few adventures how your character deals with this, and jumps back into his normal routine. The life changing event should be something that forever effects your characters way of life. Let’s say that my character is a momma’s boy. Always lived with his mom, taken care of his mom, been conjoined at the hip to the point that she came on all the adventures with the group. Saying that this was a life changing tragedy wouldn’t be far out of place.


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